A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Where Chaos & Love Rains! Hyperforce All-Stars!

J5 and Marik go out to find this weird relic located in one of the Pyramids that are on Bedandera. Once J5 and Marik find it, Bedandera's citizens start acting a little strange, driving J5 to insanity. But afterwards, Sakura seems to encounter this strange phenomenon too. You won't want to miss this adventure full of mystery and shipping!

(This is a remake of a DeviantArt Literature Story of the Hyperforce All-Stars Literature Stories Episode 3 and Hyperforce All-Stars Literature Stories Episode 4.)

Check out the rest of the DeviantArt version of the Hyperforce All-Stars Stories Series by clicking this sentence!

Editor's Note: If you speed through the VN, some of the movement animations for characters will not play out properly. Please let it finish before moving on. They move quickly anyways so no major time wasted.

Install instructions

This zip file contains version of the game that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Delete whichever versions you don't need so you can keep some space free on your hard drive. Just unzip the files and the .exe will be there.


Hyperforce_All-Stars_Stories_Vol_3-all.zip 224 MB


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